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Paul Burnett There's not enough I can say about this song. I was doing schoolwork while listening to this album and when Ninjas Can't Catch You If You're On Fire came on I had to stop to listen lol Favorite track: Ninjas Can't Catch You If You're On Fire.
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“Music does not influence research work, but both are nourished by the same sort of longing, and they complement one another in the release they offer.”

- Albert Einstein

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the largest, most complicated machine humanity has ever built. Its 17-mile ring tunnels underneath Geneva, Switzerland, and accelerates subatomic particles to 99.9% the speed of light before smashing them into one another. The image you see on the front of this album is a “photograph” of one of these engineered collisions, made by compiling data from the LHC’s ATLAS Experiment’s hundreds of detectors. Ten thousand scientists from over 100 countries have been working at LHC searching for the elusive Higgs Boson -- the particle predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics that supposedly gives atoms their mass (and consequently enables our existence, and the existence of all that we know).

I think this perfectly captures the complexity of our current moment in time. In the last 100 years, we’ve gone from struggling to get our first plane off the ground to landing on the moon, putting spacecraft in orbit around every other planet in the solar system, building invisible infrastructure that allows us to communicate with each other instantaneously across huge stretches of land & sea, and smashing particles together with so much energy that we just might get a glimpse of our physical reality’s most fundamental nature.

Through scientific inquiry and artistic exploration, we can attempt to make sense of the universe, and possibly learn more about our place in it. We won’t answer all of our big questions in our lifetime, but we have just two options on how to proceed: continue down our current path of making everything easier and cheaper, and engineering a more passive lifestyle for ourselves so we have more time to enjoy the plethora of “things” that we’ll purchase; or do some serious soul-searching and allow our collective imagination and instinctual optimism to conquer our fear of each other and of the unknown, so that we may live peacefully and with dignity as we boldly voyage to strange new worlds.

We can’t solve all the world’s problems, or even our own problems -- but the first step is exploration. So join us in our exploration of mind, of spirit, and of cosmos.

- Nate


released December 1, 2015

NSJO features the talents of:

Michael “Cody” Dear - Alto (2, 4, 6)
Alekos Syropoulos - Alto, Soprano (1, 3, 7, 8, 10)
Ben McPeek - Alto
Hugo Shiboski - Tenor, EWI on 10
Evan Waltmire - Tenor
Liam Collins - Baritone
Nicolo Scolieri - Flute (3)

Chad Willis (Lead)
Zach Ramacier (Solo)
Tristan Hurd
Jared Keil

Erik Hughes (Lead)
Phil Menchaca
Ruben Mejia
Juliane Gralle - Bass Trombone

Devin Norris - Piano
Chase Jackson - Vibraphone
Miles McIntosh - Guitar
Logan Kane - Basses
Cedric “Duke” Anderson - Octapad/Aux Percussion
Nick Velez - Drums

Produced by Nate Schwartz
Recorded at Clear Lake Studios, North Hollywood, CA
September 21-22, 2015
Recording Engineer, David Grover
Eli Smith (2nd) and Ivan Rivera (3rd) Assistant Engineers
Mixed by David Grover,
Mystic Mountain Sound, Santa Clarita, CA
Mastered by Morgan Sizer,
Mozu Mastering, New Haven, CT
Artwork by Maddie Beckham
Graphic Design by Hojoon Kim

All songs composed/orchestrated by Nate Schwartz
Lyrics for 1 & 10 by Marty the Martian
Lyrics for 7 by Nick Valentini



all rights reserved


Nate Schwartz Jazz Orchestra Los Angeles, California

LA's newest, freshest, youngest, most galactivated jazz orchestra. Allow us to take you on a journey through the cosmos...

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Track Name: Explorations - Intro (feat. Marty the Martian)
Lyrics by Marty the Martian

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue...
In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue...
Yelling "look what i can do, look what I can do!"
We all the know the story -- From that day forward
The idea of movement conjoined with the thought of glory
Every time we moved, we fought till gory
We stopped for nothing -- stop is boring
And so we never stopped adoring
The thought that just around the corner
Is the land of prosper
That’s adverse to foster, freeze for a moment
And sip from the straw first
See the liquid of truth travel to the jaw
It’s tough to chew on, we turned starboards to star bursts
The right side of the ship is a trip stripped of the physical,
Not literal -- it’s a movement intrinsic
The world isn’t round, it’s cylindrical
A tube of ideas -- the force centripetal
We move, these new ideas, they do not
Stop to think
Got to think
The brave new frontier on the logic brink
We’ll start moving forward when our daughters drink
From a thought process, not a hot topic
The answers are out there
But turn inside to find them
A certain kind of blind man
Will lead the way
He tells those street-seeking they should stop looking,
And start searching
In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue...
In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue...
In 2022 we’ll also take a journey
Without needing to leave --
So breathe!
Let’s start the learning,
And maybe see the stars are turning.
Let’s start the Journey…
Track Name: Sandra's Song (feat. Nick Valentini)
Lyrics by Nick Valentini

Whether you know by now
(Oh do I)
That imitation hangs to everything in doubt
That feeling you’ll get when you figure out
That everything you do is for me to talk about
Why do I feel so far away
When trouble wanes?

I should have settled down knowing now
That everything I do is used to put me down

I’ve tried my best to tell you I will help you out
I don’t know why I can’t explain I am afraid

Will you please turn around for awhile?
Decisions made without the world to tell us how...
Track Name: Explorations - Op. 1 (feat. Marty the Martian)
Lyrics by Marty the Martian

Welcome to the space ship
With your permission, let me transmit on this Nate shit
See, life’s a mirror, and I wonder -- will you face it?
It gets clearer, just depends the way you place it, which
way you got it facing
See since you were born, they told you to reflect on yourself
Take your conscience and percept on yourself
Are you self-conscious? Good, so is everyone else
The poor me mentality plays right to the wealth
Now these “I’m Self-Important” types have sorted all the normal guys,
Imported more of poorer types -- they’re running the shelf
They’re snorting up assembly lines and shortening the belt
They want to help US, but the S is a dollar sign
It’s all about you and the money they can make from you
Well, uh -- take from you…
I’m on break at a home depot thinking ‘bout a house I’m gonna break into
Look what they made us do…

Are you a type A person?
Or a “might say” person?
A right-way person, the right-shade person,
the hides face, hides hate, just might stay hurting?
All the world’s a stage with a thick shay curtain
And we’re stuck here to interpret just a big vague blur, but
All we hear are words, but we don’t see the faces
They don’t see the worry -- here we are faced with
Generation Y? Well that’s the question
And X don’t got the answer so we’d better get to guessing
Are we Generation Try? Next in succession?
Just because the sets are switching doesn’t mean progression…
I mean, Generation Die? Who’s gonna push the button?
By the time we’re president, they’ll probably push a dozen
We’re tired of pushing daisies the doctors prescribe us daily
Not only are we restless -- you guessed it -- we’re fucking crazy!

The world can’t revolve without revolutions
The youth can’t evolve without retribution
We stayed committed to this constitution, but
The Forefathers are before us -- they don’t have the solutions
Stop placing faith in the past to solve the future
Everyone’s gassed, we’re riding on a scooter
3-2-1 blast off -- blast it, we can’t breathe through this plastic
Situation drastic
See, our last hope is wearing a backpack full of matches
He’s a nervous act in a class full of actors
He burns them with passions
And our actions will happen and fall into ashes --
And from that a phoenix will rise
Let’s follow its flight, its light
And explore a frontier from a former demise
It won’t be bricks to build a new nation
It’s a creation predicated on exploration.